International Cheese Awards Waitrose Trophy 2015



Awarded The Waitrose Trophy for 'Best Cheese in Specialist Cheesemakers section'.


International Cheese Awards 2015 Gold


Awarded Gold for Mossfield Organic Farmhouse Cheese at the International cheese awards 2015



ICA 2015 Silver & Bronze Awards


Awarded Silver for best hard cheese,
Bronze for best cheese with additives for Mediterranean,
Bronze for best Organic Cheese.


British Cheese Awards 2015 Silver


Awarded Silver for Mossfield Farmhouse Cheese in the Modern British Category



British Cheese Awards 2015 Silver


Awarded Sliver for Mossfield Mature in Modern British category for cheese over 8 months old.



British Cheese Awards 2015 Bronze


Awarded Bronze for Mossfield Mediterranean in the flavour added category.



Cais Irish Cheese Awards 2015


Awarded Bronze for Mossfield Farmhouse Cheese.